Y-Litter: 2020-10-19

the parentes:

Family Jubelt/Werdau from YARO:

Yaro is our hope for the future and the new star of the family Jubelt at Werdau We wish you much joy, love and fun with him!

Family von YAKIRA:

Yakira is from now on the new family member of the family Geyer at Heroldsbach , Jeanette and her daughter are very happy! We wish them all the best!

Family Kalb-Fichtel/Schöneck from YOSHI:

Yoshi has found a wonderful home and fills the family Family Kalb-Fichtel at Schöneck with lots of joy, fun and love. We are very happy and wish Tanja and her daughter all the best!

Family Schlosser/Weidhausen from YALA:

Yala is now part of a great family who give her a lot of security and trust. She can finally be the princess she always wanted to be. We are very happy and wish all the best!

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