P-Litter: 2017-03-18

the parentes:

Elisha from Castle of white sweethearts

Mowgli Cattledrivers Castle

new Owners:

Percy is now a part of the lovely family Goldbach and furthermore he was received by his new cotonfriend Shorty. We wish you just the best!

Phila is now the princess in the house of family Blome/Formhals. She enjoys a daily pampering-program and she feels very good. All the best in Bonn!

Priya-Gina is now able to enjoy the undivided attention of Mrs. Susanne Gude. Our sweetheart is now a strong girl of Berlin. Just the best for you!

Phoebe likes her new owners a lot, Mrs. Erika Becker and Mr. Wolfgang Sommerschuh! The charming couple conquered her very fast. Great trio and lots of fun on the Chiemsee! Photo is coming soon !!

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