H2-Litter: born 2023/11/20

the parentes:

Xenia from castle of white sweethearts

Whitegold Cotton´s Iceman


Hercules lives in Thüringen with Melanie and he is the Prince and enjoys there the full love. We wish all the best!


Stefan were blown away when he saw Hope for the first time. The happiness is great! All the best and love for your future together!


Haloki lives from now on in Bestensee. His new family love him since the first moment and carry him from now on loving hands! We wish all the best with the little one!


Nicole and Florian has taken Hayo directly into their hearts and lives now in Langenselbold. We wish a great time with lots of fun and love!


From now on Haneyuko lives in nearby Meeder with Andrea and Markus and enjoys there the full love and attention of his new owners, he is the Prince. We wish all the best!

the 8. week

the 7. week

the 6. week

the 5. week

the 4. week

the 3. week

the secound week

the first week

the first day