The Family Patzelt

We, the Patzelts family, have a small but exclusive hobby breed.

We are breeding this wonderful breed with heart, love and mind. Our goal is to breed healthy, happy and natured Coton de Tulears. This is the way we can guarantee taking part in the development of this beautiful breed. All of our breeding dogs are examined of all hereditary diseases and for us it is the highest priority to receive the health of this breed.

Our matings are planned by our best knowledge and conscience. We have no fear to fly or drive hundreds of kilometers – or bring the breeding male by plane with his owners to us. Thereby we help the breed to enlarge the gene pool and improve the quality of the Cotons.

The character is the second important criteria for the selection of mating. Through this many important points we have lots of puppies with a very promising showpotential and also from high quality. Some of our own breed dogs are multichampions in different countries. International beauty champions or even vice world winner.

For us it is a lot of fun to raise a litter up. We do our very best to give these littles a good start in live.

What we don’t want is to sell our puppies expensively to breeders but we are of the opinion that EVERY new owners have the right to get a dog from high quality and we appreciate it, when families leave our house happily with their new family member. We like to stay in close contact with the puppy families, they are very important for us. Our ear is always open for questions because just like that you can be part of the development and can help.