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our J2-litter is born

21. Apr 2024

our I2-litter is born

14. Mar 2024

our H2-litter is born

20. Nov 2023

Baloo from Castle of white sweethearts

21. Sep 2023

With great regret we share with you that our Baloo from Castle of white sweethearts has gone over the Rainbow Bridge today.

He was not only one of our beloved babies, which we raised with much love. No! Baloo was our first star in the ring and our first bred Interchamp. None of this would have been possible without you, Lissy and Eddy. He was your pride and joy and we cannot take away this pain and loss. We can only say thank you for all you did for him. He bonded us and from that our friendship grew. For this we are very grateful. His wonderful nature will live on in his descendants. There will always be a place for him in our hearts and we will not forget him.

Baloo, we love you since the first moment and keep you deep in our hearts.